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Our Approach

Problems that we typically solve for our clients include:

  • Dysfunctional floor plans
  • Cramped, older kitchens
  • Inadequate storage areas
  • Inadequately lit rooms and/or work areas
  • Sagging interior and porch floors
  • Energy loss and moisture problems

We believe in consistent communication so our clients always know where they are at and what to expect. We enjoy seeing their dream take shape and relief when their problems are handled competently.

Why should you hire Architrave?
Our years of experience, professional designations and awards are all good reasons to hire us. But our references-our many clients and repeat clients who are beyond satisfied-are what we are most proud of and the best reason to hire us.

Please contact us today with any questions about how we can meet your needs.

"My wife and I both felt that Steve was committed to us as well as the job. His extensive experience in building, remodeling and renovation paid off... We freely recommend them, and Steve Madole in particular, to anyone considering a building or remodeling project."

- Mark and Debbie G.

Architrave has been chosen again and again; when people see the difference in our work and hear from our elated customers it is the best referral. We have years of experience in design, construction and historical expertise and a superior BBB rating.

Our unique approach and process involves:

  • Hearing the customer's perception of the problems and their budget.
  • Care and respect for the customer and their home during the project.
  • Researching historic architectural designs, fixtures, and decor.
  • 29 years of work/design experience.
  • Using an extensive kitchen questionnaire to determine how people are living and how they want to live: how each family cooks, eats, cleans, and what they have that is working for them versus what they need and want.
  • Envisioning the details of clients living in their home.
  • A bigger toolbox of possibilities: structural, historic materials, custom wood working and engineered lighting.
  • Computer assisted design to allow you to "see" the project before it is built.
  • Spending time, thought, energy and persistence while problem-solving as needed.
  • Finding the right mix of historical practice and "green" practices for you and your needs.
  • Planning for future as well as present needs.
  • Maintaining Historic Preservation guidelines (where applicable) and using Historic Design expertise to inform our designs.