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W Bald Eagle Blvd ♦ Exterior


  • Owners are proud of the beautiful and award-winning exterior, which reflects the original historic 1920s cabin.
  • They enjoy the wrap-around 3-season porch and admiration of passersby.
  • The new and newly-positioned windows afford an expanded view of the lake.


  • The owners loved the beaded paneled interior of their lake cabin turned lake home. However, the exterior was a dismal collection of fake half-timbered, mildewed stucco and concrete block with a mishmash of windows placed at different heights.
  • The roof over the back door had fallen off, and in general, the outside of the house was an embarrassment.


  • Architrave removed the ugly aluminum sliding windows at the front of the wrap-around porch and replaced them with inward opening, divided-light casements that echoed the home's 1920s roots.
  • We removed the stucco veneer and replaced it with German Drop Siding on the 1st floor and cedar shingles on the 2nd floor.
  • Windows were added to brighten up a windowless game room, while other windows were replaced or re-set to their proper positions.
  • A bracketed timber-framed back entry roof replaced the one that had fallen off.
  • The foundation was veneered with stone and the home repainted in historic colors.
  • An unremarkable garage door was replaced with custom carriage doors befitting the architecture of the home.
  • The concrete block stairs were replaced with a beautiful custom crafted staircase of flat sawn balusters and mahogany like treads.
  • A pergola with a concealed roof and gutter creates a warm, dry ground floor entry.