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Emerson Ave ♦ Kitchen Remodel


  • The client now enjoys a kitchen with exceptional functionality, a lighted display cabinet for sculpture and other art pieces, and a chic modern room with an open spacious feel.
  • This remodel was done within the existing room dimensions. Because no structural re-working was required, this remodel was completed on a modest budget.


  • Structural flaws in the original design made for an out- of- level floor and ceiling. The new, sleek modern look with narrow bands of trim selected by the owners would call attention to these defects.
  • Another need was to be able to expand the kitchen during holidays to accommodate 4-6 cooks and convert back to a 2-person household.
  • We needed to create functional, beautiful lighting that included lots of task lighting on dark counters.
  • Poor sealing around a plumbing vent had caused moisture to come into the roof assembly causing a section of the roof to rot.


  • Architrave created a built-in table that is a lower continuation of the countertop, which adds work surface while eliminating the need for a dining room table.
  • The eating area was designed to quickly convert to work space.
  • We also built accessible storage for cookbooks and used natural birch and cherry cabinets.
  • We repaired the rotted roof and sealed around the vent to prevent future moisture penetration.